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SAC Registration process

Once your team has completed initial registration, each team should research, design and refine their solution to best meet the challenge. 

When judging the submissions, the Challenge Directors will consider a number of questions, such as (in no particular order):

    • How well does it satisfy the requirements?
    • Does it meet the rules for submission?
    • Has anything been missed?
    • How much research has been done?
    • Have the risks been appreciated?
    • Is it feasible?
    • Is it presented logically?
    • Are the facts correct?

Schools Aerospace Challenge aims to inspire original thinking. The Challenge Directors will be particularly keen to see innovative solutions and ideas that challenge the established norms.

Only 12 teams will be selected to attend the Aerospace Experience Summer School Week at Cranfield.

We are experiencing problems with the online registration at the moment, so please register your team buy downloading and completing the registration form using either:

Word or PDF

Please email your completed form to

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